Economic Development

The 4th Ward is a microcosm of Chicago. There are vibrant communities and neighborhoods that are doing extremely well, and other communities that have not experienced economic revitalization as quickly, such as Bronzeville for example, which was once one of the most economically thriving corridors of the City.

Alderman King firmly believes that because unemployment among African-Americans, particularly males, remains exponentially higher than that of all other racial groups, the incontrovertible link between poverty and violence simply cannot be ignored, nor can the clear relationship between economic development and safe, affordable housing.

Alderman King is excited about the future of the 4th Ward and about its slow, but steady push towards the entire Ward’s economic revitalization. She has a uniquely keen understanding that real economic development requires the expansion of opportunity for local small businesses, companies owned by women and people of color, and workers who want good paying jobs. As Alderman, she will continue to be committed to using any and all resources to spur that growth.

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  • Was the owner and operator of Brush Strokes, a paint-your-own-pottery bar on 53rd Street, from 1997-2003. She has a solid understanding and appreciation of the importance of having small business owners jointly invested in the growth and development of communities.
  • Founder of Harriet's Daughters (HD), a 501 (C)(3) organization - a group of female thought leaders in business, civic, philanthropic and communications sectors in 2010 to focus on working with the City of Chicago and the State of Illinois to deal with disparities in city contracts and procurement, and eliminate the use of waivers that allow winning bidders of city business to side-step diversity requirements. HD’s mission is to create and support policies and processes that secure employment and wealth creation opportunities for African-American communities.
    • HD interviewed all mayoral candidates for 2011 and 2015 as well as the gubernatorial candidates in 2014 to elevate attention to the state of African American businesses, jobs and government contracts.
  • Understands that home ownership and quality housing is crucial to stable living in a vibrant community. So as Alderman she has worked to expand access to people in our neighborhoods that are shut out of access to reasonable credit and housing. It is a continuation of her advocacy for fair and affordable housing at the national level (specifically looking at policy and legislation concerning Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac), to create more opportunities for access to affordable housing and credit to traditionally disenfranchised communities.